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1. You must fill out the request form to request tapes

2. I DO take international requests, however prices will be much higher due to shipping costs. E-mail me if you're outside the US or Canada.

3. Payment is accepted by money order or cash(at your own risk) only. I do not take personal checks

4. Should I become backlogged, trades will take preference over requests.

5. Payment must be sent along with a note stating the titles ordered.

6. I am not responsible for damage that happens to packages during shipment.

7. Please do not ask me every day how your tapes are coming. You can check up on the status page to keep track of your request.

8. There is a maximum request of ten tapes and a minimum of 3. All prices include tapes, packaging, and priority shipping.

9. If you do not have the money to make a request, nor the means to arrange a tape trade, feel free to offer me anything else in return, anime merchandise and etc. Drop me a line, I'm always open to offers.

10. I am not a fansubber, so there's really no need for money donations. However, I have received several in the past, and I've put them all toward a current fund for the purchase of a new, better VCR, and any I receive in the future will be used for the same, or for the purchase of VHS labels and cases. This is entirely non-profit and I cannot and will not use any donated money for my own purposes. However, if you wish to donate anime trinkets/goodies, I'll gladly except and appreciate those, too ^_-. I love anything anime! ^^

Tape rates are as follows, showing shipping destination, and number of tapes requested:

To Canada$23$28$34$38$43$50$56$62

Read the rules? Head on to the Request Form!