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Where the heck are you, you ask? Well, you're in my bedroom ^_^. No, seriously. A few friends had asked on several occassions to see pics of my room, out of general curiousity, and since I had about 15 pictures to waste before dropping off my Otakon films, I decided to snap away. And I've been to other websites with such photos, and *I* always found it quite interesting, so maybe some wacko out there like me will actually look at these ^_-. So, the following pictures are of my little domain, where I stash all my goodies, connect to the 'net, and eventually crash out each night for that scarce thing called 'sleep'. Please, before your imaginations work overtime, and contrary to what the pictures might lead you to believe, yes I am an adult, even if I may be under 10 at heart, and yes, I'm a ratpacker. Also, this is just my *bedroom*, the rest of the house, I assure you, is entirely normal and anime free, grudgingly.

On a side-note, I'm actually about to start the process of moving (to another floor of the house, that's all) into a room that's roughly three times larger than this one (it takes up half the first floor of the house) and so my little, lovingly-arranged anime haven will soon become a barren warzone. First, I have to paint the new room (purple ^_~) and then take down all my posters and etc, and transfer them down. It's ironic, I always find myself selling off scrolls and posters for a lack of space for them, and now I have to go on a huge wall-art binge to make up for the difference in room sizes. Not to mention, lugging my tapes, computer, and those damn heavy pieces of furniture down two flights of stairs will NOT be pretty.'s to you, my little room, which will soon be no longer ;_;.

Bookcase number 1, with most of my mangas, and some of my Ribons/Margarets/Amies, etc. I'm a bit pressed for room currently so I have boxes stashed under my bed which have more Ribons and manga in them. On top of this bookcase is an assortment of anime figures (aka 'junk'), Card Captor Sakura, Sakura Taisen characters, Ranma, err, Qui-Gon, several sailoruranus figures, and etc. The two Pikachu plushies were purchased for a friend but before I packaged them, I stashed them with the other toys. Every book/magazine in this bookcase is anime-related, but the various rolls of tape, picture frames, and other gadgets are not =).
Closet door, ooh. Holder of the first sailoruranus poster I ever received, as well as a bunch of postcards from sailormoon, marmalade boy, kaito jeanne, and various other shoujo manga series. Hanadan posters to the bottom, section of tape-rack #1 to the lower right, part of my mini 'art' section to the upper right, and some jumbo bromides from SM and MB at the very top. This picture came out very weird, the door appears much longer and narrower than it is. Ignore the balloons blocking the view, they're leftover from a certain celebration I had a few weeks ago =P.
'Wall over bed' part 1. Escaflowne and FY wallscrolls, a few UFO catchers, Hanadan cutouts, posters and etc. Note the tall, gold princess hat, my room 'summit'...I got this a few years ago at Medieval Times with B^2, and paraded around in it to the bemused stares of people my age, and the envious glares of the 5 year old girls who couldn't get one. Ha! Ahem. Look, I finally turned to the July page on my Ribon calender! Bah, June's pic was better.
Door number 2! Not much of interest here, except for my lovely usage of computer printing and scotch tape. The pictures around the door frame are from Oniisama E, on top of that is Aa Megami-sama, and to the left are Eagle(MKR) and Nuriko (FY), with a Mint na Bokura baggie hanging for good measure =). Oh yeah, and those are Marmalade Boy bromide cards taped to the door. Hell, I wasn't getting my money's worth with them stuffed in a card binder!
The very VERY small 'art' section. Some prints and my lovely Nuriko sketch that I picked up at Otakon, along with a few cels (my favorite Haruka-Michiru cel is actually framed, but it's not in this pic). Feh, it's true that art never photographs well...err, okay, actually, anything *I* photograph doesn't turn out well...I *need* more artwork. Fanartists out there, email me! I'll pay for your talents! ^^
Errr, the weird 'inlet' corner of my room...hard to explain, but anyway, this isn't much of a picture as you can't really see anything. Basically just a bunch of posters and more MB cards. The wall doesn't take to thumbtacks, so everything's taped up, which explains the sort of 'looseness' you can see. Miscellaneous anime cutouts taped up next to the AMG wallscroll.
The workstation. This is where I am right now (kind of spooky o.o). Various posters, most of them paper, from Esca, X, Mint, etc. Don't know why Tsukushi's face on the Hanadan poster became a blaring blob of a glare. I should have turned my monitor off to avoid that eerie white glow effect ^_-.

Beyond bookcase number 1, lies window #2, and the 'Video Tower o'Ranma', which, as the title suggests, holds my Ranma tape collection. I keep my fansubs and raw tapes arranged alphabetically on three large video racks, my shade? No, not really, and it doesn't keep sunlight out...rather, the rays make basic commercial tapes on a smaller rack, the ranma tapes in the aforementioned rack, and the few commercial box sets I have remain scattered around in various locations. Yes, the MB scroll is hanging over a window...sort of an alternative Miki take on a scary glow...
Wall number...err, nevermind, it's just a wall. Various posters, a smattering of Inu-Yasha covers (I buy the english releases for a *reason*, you know), a lone Ranma keychain hanging from the ceiling (but not by a knoose like Shampoo was), and, sadly, a bare patch of wall space. The ceiling's looking pretty vacant here, too. Ah well.