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Below is a list of people who's money or tapes I have received for trades or requests. Once payment arrives, your name will be posted here so you can follow the progress of your tapes and when they were or will be sent.

NameDate ReceivedStatus
Valeska G.8/20/99sent
Virna J.8/20/99Currently taping
Arshes N.Tradefinished-contact?
Laurella T.8/24/99Currently Taping
Josh L. 8/30/99sent
Kim L.8/30/99Currently Taping
Cheryl M.8/30/99Currently Taping
Matt R.8/30/99Currently Taping
Johna S.8/31/99Currently Taping
Diane Leung9/1/99Currently Taping
Belinda C.9/1/99Currently Taping
Jennifer N.9/1/99Currently Taping